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TAWAFOON is an open online publication that experiments with different modes of ‘learning’  and encountering knowledge of the everyday. It tries to find new ways of attending to ourselves, to one another and to the world around us. It rejects all forms of alienation, exploitation, oppression and injustice performed invisibly under various forms of ‘learning’. The seed of the project stems from seeing the body simply as the maker of history and as one made by history. Through conversation, speculative exercises and observational research, the publication hosts tools, questions and methodologies, for individuals and collectives, on ways to work together and to encounter and exchange knowledge in everyday life.
This project came to life through a series of conversations between Noor Abed and Areej Huniti on their personal experiences and interests in alternative modes of learning. It presents some of their conversations, alongside their research findings on the topic. TAWAFOON can be thought of as a growing toolbox or a collective library that is meant to be used, edited, tested and rejected by individuals and collectives.

Why is TAWAFOON put together?  

Because we often feel pressured to produce. We want to be changed by the places we are in. We reject solutionism. We want to be alone and with others. We want to start in the middle sometimes. Because we are asking what we should ask ourselves? Because we are questioning what we actually need? Because we want to learn how to reinvent ourselves. Because we are interested in the co-creation of meaning. Because we feel frustrated and limited by current understandings of individualised research and reproductive work. Because we want to find ways to distribute the burden of responsibility when being together. Because we want to know what it means to listen to one’s sensations and intuitive knowledge. Because we want to understand what is going on. We want to know what to do when we feel stuck. We wonder how diverse resources can inform one another while maintaining gaps? Because we want to criticize our work. Because we want to think together.

Who are we?

Areej Huniti is an artist and researcher based in Amman, Jordan 
Noor Abed is an artist and researcher based in Ramallah, Palestine


TAWAFOON is made possible with the generous Mophradat Grant received in 2019 ♡

Special thanks to Spring Sessions ☀︎