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⟪become a bird⟫
by Eliza Goldox 

Set the task to the new group to meet at a specific time and place and to bring an audible piece carried in your phone or other media device, your body, online, an object or anywhere else. It can be for example a field recording of the wind, a voice humming, some scene played from a movie, a found tape or a sound created by stones hitting each other…

Sit around a table, on the floor or gather in any other way that your ears can reach everyone.

Play, perform or create the sounds one after another. Take the time to close your eyes and listen carefully to the sonic matter. Try to forget the human body that produces the sound and try to engage with the what appears through the sound material. Let associations surface and abstract visual images appear.

Take a break and discuss how you felt and what came up for you.

Start again to play the sounds, but this time together. Record it. Start to overlay, intervene into each other’s sounds, create a piece together. Sensitively find moments to take space with the sounds and step back. Turn it on and off. Fade in and out of the group's soundscape. Close your eyes and listen to everyone and imagine to step together on a new land.

Afterwards listen to the sound piece together again.

Take a break and discuss how you felt and what this sound narrative could mean. 

Optional task: become a bird

Everyone performs a specific bird sound with their voice (it can be an existing or imagined bird). Stand up and listen to each other's birds and start to sing together. Become a flock of birds. Close your eyes and imagine to gather around a warm, wet water fountain. Refresh your feathers with drops of water. Sing louder and louder and find moments of silence. Become a swarm. Feel the energy of the new scenery and keep that voice and swarm within you for the rest of the day.

This was the recording from the session in greece: https://soundcloud.com/zona-dynamic/we-brought-a-sound-1