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Agree on an imaginary event you like to conduct as a group, such as a surprise birthday party, or a funeral, etc.

Each member of the group writes/ draws a score for this event on a piece of paper. A score can be seen as a set of instructions and/ or arrangements of actions to guide the event. your score can be imaginative, pragmatic, or impossible. It can be a drawing/ sketch/ set of written instructions. It can be poetic or/ and instructional.

Be open to what you feel comfortable with. After a set time, each folds their paper. Shuffle all papers together. Each chooses a paper randomly from the pile. Each member shows the rest of the group the score that she/he has picked and performs it for/with the group.

After each member performs their score, sit together and discuss the idea behind each one; how it was written/ drawn and how it was practiced/ performed. Collect all scores and try to find connections to merge them into a one collective score